Geotechnical & Geologic Engineering

Our experienced team of geotechnical engineers are able to assist you and your design team with subsurface investigations, foundation recommendations, retaining wall design, and practical solutions to your meet your project’s needs.

Subsurface Explorations & Assessments
Seismic Analysis
Foundation Design & Settlement Analysis
Temporary & Permanent Groundwater Control
Flexible/Rigid Pavement Evaluation/Design Services
Remediation Support/Oversight
Infiltration & Percolation Testing
Geostructural Design Services
Geophysical Surveys
Construction-Phase Geotechnical Consulting
Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring
Deep Foundation Design Assistance & Testing
Specialized In-situ Testing: Rock, Soil, Water
Sinkhole Evaluation
Carbonate Assessments
Earth Retaining Structures, Excavation Support & Underpinning Design
Geo-Hazard Investigations
Mineral Resource Investigations
Soil Laboratory Testing
Forensic Studies & Expert Witness